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Copacabana and Lake Titicaca

Copacabana and Lake Titicaca

Bolivia has a lot of different holidays that we usually get work off for. One of these such holidays was on the 17th of July and had the day off. Because of this, my gringa coworkers thought it would be fun to take all of Sunday the 16th to visit Copacabana and Lake Titicaca, about a three hour bus ride from La Paz.

We woke up at 6am and headed to where the buses for Copacabana left in the center of La Paz. Most of us slept on the bus ride there, but I was still able to see some beautiful parts of Bolivian countryside as we drove. Before arriving in Copacabana, our bus had to cross the lake. We as passengers were not allowed to ride the bus across on the boats that transported the bus, so we had to get off and ride small passenger boats across the lake, which was a fun little way to stretch our legs and get some road trip snacks from the “caseras”.

After crossing the lake we got back on the bus and had about thirty more minutes until we arrived in Copacabana. We got off the bus in the middle of the small town and used the restroom then headed to a small hike right on the edge of the lake called the Calvario. I was still getting over some mild feelings of being under the weather so I hiked half of it and then had a nice seat with a beautiful view of the lake while I waited for the rest of the girls to finish the hike.

After hiking the Calvario, we headed to the beach where there were boats waiting to take us to the “Islas flotantes” (floating islands). For only 15 bs we rode on a small passenger boat to these man made floating islands where they served freshly fried fish for lunch! We had 45 minutes to eat and explore some cool small rock islands near the floating islands.

The lunch was delicious and then we had another fun ride across the lake back to Copacabana. Our last stop in Copacabana was the beautiful church in the center of town. We didn’t end up going inside, but it was beautiful to see a colonial structure like that.

At this point it was about 4pm and we decided to catch a bus back to La Paz. The ride back took a significant amount more than the ride there, but again, most of us slept for most of it.

Overall it was a very quick, but very fun first trip in Bolivia and just made me realize again and again how lucky I am to be able to do this and be surrounded by such amazing and interesting people!

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  • I love being an “armchair adventurer” through your wonderful writings (and photos), my Clarita! Everything you write evokes fully formed images in my mind and senses. Thank you for this first taste of fun and travel in your phenomenal IJM journey. Love you dearly. xox Nina

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